Behind the design


Shasho, designer and former refugee, chose to design the backpack because it’s the most valuable tool for those that are experiencing homelessness. Whether you’re unsheltered in a big city or have been displaced due to war and other violence, there is a constant struggle of carrying your belongings everywhere you go. You only bring what you can carry, so what’s inside your bag tells a lot about a person.

Now, the outside of the bag can also tell a story. Because by wearing the Sheltersuit backpack, you support our movement. And our backpacks save lives.

Every backpack sold funds the production of Shelterbags. Providing protection, jobs, and opportunities to people with a distance to the labor market.

Every backpack is made with upcycled materials, decreasing waste from the fashion industry. Because we produce using only waste material, this bag will have a limited production run. Starting with just 166 backpacks, available in 13 color combinations.